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About Palma Aquarium

Founded in 2007, the Palma Aquarium tickets and tours take you through one of the most unique and interesting aquariums in Europe. The aquarium measures around 1600 feet in length, and houses about 55 tanks, home to over 700 distinct species of the Mediterranean sea, and other water bodies around the world.

A total of 8000 specimens can be viewed, and since the aquarium is situated on the Mallorca islands, the marine life here is recreated in a natural setting. The Palma Aquarium tours start with the Mediterranean sea section, and you can spot flora and fauna such as starfish, lobster, scorpion fish, wrasses, groupers, prawns, shrimps, crabs, eels, sea horses, and the algae and coral. You can also access the Pirate Ship, which is the children’s play area with your aquarium Palma tickets along with the cafeteria. You can indulge in activities such as Dive with Shark, Underwater, and Shark Sleepover.

Why Book Palma Aquarium Tickets And Tour?

  • With your Palma Aquarium tickets and tours, you can witness marine life, showcased from oceans across the world.
  • Book your Palma Aquarium tours which give you accessibility to view over 8000 animals, of about 700 varied species.
  • The aquarium Palma tickets also provide several interactive experiences, educational workshops, and live guided tours.
  • You can indulge in adventure activities such as diving, the Shark Sleepover, and so on.
  • Witness the deepest tank in Europe, filled with Sharks and jellyfish, and view the sharks indulge in their natural habitat.
  • There are aquariums related to Tropical seas as well, and you can indulge in visiting the 25 of them present there.
  • You can also explore the Tropical rainforest present in this tour, with one of the biggest root-top gardens in Spain.
  • Another popular thing to do at Palma Aquarium is to visit the nearby attraction, the Playa de Palma beach, to immerse in a fun-filled and adventurous day.

Available Palma Aquarium Tickets And Tours Options

The Palma Aquarium tickets and tours are one of the most sought activities to indulge in, when visiting Palma. With facilities such as live tour guide and pick-up and drop-off options, these tours let you experience the several interactive displays at the largest aquarium in Palma.

Transfer to Palma Aquarium & Optional Entry Ticket

The aquarium Palma tickets for this touring option gives access to the largest aquarium in Mallorca. The tour introduces you to the diverse species of the Mediterranean, including sharks, clownfish, surgeonfish, blowfish and about 8000 other creatures from over 700 marine species. During these Palma Aquarium tickets and tours, you can also indulge in visiting the Amazon Rainforest housed in a massive European rainforest canopy. There are several interactive exhibits here, ensuring that you learn about the animals housed there. If visiting with your kids, you can visit the play areas, located both indoors and outdoors. Another notable attraction to visit is the Big Blue, known to be the deepest tank in Europe, measuring nearly 9 metres in depth, and home to about 11 different shark species. The Transfer to Palma Aquarium & Optional Entry Ticket tour comes with a live tour guide, and pick-up from your hotel facility is also included.

Palma Aquarium Tickets with Transfer

One of the best full day Palma Aquarium tours, this option lets you access the different sections of the aquarium, including the Old World, the New World, the Jungle, the Mediterranean Gardens, and the Big Blue. This tour also includes a visit to the deepest aquarium in Europe, filled with 200 distinct marine species. The best experiences among Palma Aquarium tickets and tours accessible through this ticketing option take you through the biggest rooftop jungle in Spain, and let you witness the tropical Amazon forest. There are several nearby attractions to explore such as the beaches, and with the Palma Aquarium Tickets with transfer, you get the opportunity to move-in and move-out of the aquarium any time of the day. The aquarium Palma tickets come with facilities such as skip the line entry, and a live tour guide, available in four different languages; English, German, Spanish, and French.

Palma Aquarium & Palma Sightseeing: Combo Tour

Among the most sought Palma Aquarium tickets and tours, this option comes with a full day of sightseeing around the city, and the Palma aquarium. You not only get to explore the biggest aquarium in Mallorca, home to about 700 marine species, but also can explore the beautiful city of Palma. The aquarium is filled with 55 tanks and is temperature controlled, set to Mediterranean climate, and it offers a lot of interactive activities to do as well. During the Palma sightseeing experience, you get to commute to the Palma centre, via a scenic tour by the Cabrio bus. This tour is accompanied by a professional guide, who keeps you informed regarding the attractions you pass by. The tour offers facilities such as a live tour guide in five different languages; Spanish, English, Italian, German, and French, and pickup and drop-off facilities.

Know Before You Book Palma Aquarium Tickets and Tours

Essential Information:

Location: C Manuela de los Herreros i Sora, 21, 07610 Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain

Timings:9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Palma Aquarium tours is during the early hours, since there is less rush, and you can explore the entire area with minimal hustle and bustle. The aquarium starts to get crowded between 10 am and 11 am, and is one of the most popular times to visit.

How To Reach:

By Bus: If you plan to commute to Palma Aquarium by bus, take route numbers 15,21,23,25,31, from the 384-Ses Fontanelles. The bus drops you in front of the entrance of the aquarium.

Palma Aquarium Tickets FAQs

Do we need to book in advance for Palma Aquarium Tickets and tours?

Yes, it is recommended to book your Palma Aquarium tickets and tours online, in advance, in order to avoid rush, since it is a very popular tourist attraction, and can get crowded. Hence, if you wish to avoid long queues, and facilitate a hassle-free entrance, then it is advisable to get your aquarium Palma tickets online.

What is the minimum age required to book Palma Aquarium Tickets and tours?

The minimum age required to book Palma aquarium tickets and tours is about 3 years. The entry is free for children between zero to three years of age. It is advisable to accompany toddlers with an adult.

Will I get a discount on booking the Palma Aquarium tickets online?

Booking the Palma Aquarium tours tickets not only facilitates exciting discounts, but also provides attractive combos and deals. You can check out our official website to avail the best offer.

What is the best time to visit Palma Aquarium?

The best time to visit the Palma Aquarium is between 10 am and 11 am when it is less crowded, and you have enough space and time to explore around.

What is special about the Palma Aquarium?

The Palma Aquarium is known for the deepest shark aquariums in Europe, known as the Big Blue. This aquarium is filled with about 3.5 million litres of saltwater, and is about 8.5 metres, spanning a length of 33 metres, with a width of 25 metres. You get to traverse in a boat to explore this magnificent tank using your Palma Aquarium tickets and tours.

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